Discount Ram Hunts


The discount ram hunts cost $270.00 per person and we ask for a $100.00 deposit per person (non-refundable). This includes 1-1/2 days guide fee and the trophy fee for one ram.

If you do not shoot a ram, then the charge is only $100.00 per person. There is no charge for non-hunters. 

The hunt is similar as a typical white tail deer hunt except for rams. Rams are not as wild as a whitetail, so everyone should have an opportunity to take one. We hunt mostly from blinds with some walking. There are 6 types of rams to choose from ( Corsican, Mouflon, White Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Rambo and New Zealand Goat).

Some rams have color coded ear tags and these tagged rams are more expensive than the untagged rams.

Our most popular ram hunt is for rams with blue tags for $360 each.


They are in all species and are generally bigger than the $270 untagged rams.

There are currently some rams on the ranch with large orange tags in their right ear which require a total hunt/trophy fee of $500.00. 

We also currently have some rams on the ranch with large green tags in their right ear which require a total hunt/trophy fee $650.00.

We also currently have some rams on the ranch with large yellow tags in their right ear which require a total hunt/trophy fee $850.00.

*Hog hunts are free with ram hunts

Ram hunts are currently held starting Saturday morning and ending Sunday at noon; however,  you should plan on arriving Friday evening because the hunt starts early Saturday morning.

I welcome rifle (center fire), bow (compound and traditional), black powder and handgun hunting.

For comfortable lodging, I recommend the Woodbine Inn in Camp Wood (830-597-2310), though free bunkhouse lodging is available at the ranch. 

You will need to bring your own food, towels and sleeping bags. We have barbecue pits available and the lodge does have some indoor cooking facilities.

If you so desire, a local young man currently charges $20.00 to skin and quarter your ram on site. I have a walk-in cooler at the ranch for overnight storage of your trophy.

The ranch is mountainous and ideal for rams which makes for a great hunt.


Discount Ram Descriptions

Corsican Ram

Country of Origin: West Indies  

We have put probably put more Corsican Rams in the book than anyone else ! The Rocky Mountain Bighorn is considered by many to be the number one North American big game animal. The Corsican Ram is very similar in appearance to the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram. They are reddish brown with an attractive black mane on the bottom of their neck. A large ram can weight 125 pounds. 

The Corsican Ram, Mouflon Ram, the White Texas Dall Ram and the Hawaiian Black Ram comprise the Texas Grand Slam! Hunt all four and get the Texas Slam Cap! 

Mouflon type Ram

Country of Origin: Greece


The Mouflon Ram is considered to be the most handsome of all the wild sheep in the world. For the Texas Slam we parallel the Mouflon Ram to the Desert Bighorn Ram in Arizona. The horns curl up, out, down and back in towards the face. A trophy ram will broom off the ends of his horns below his eyes. They are brown with a black mane and a black face. A mature ram will weigh about 90 pounds. 


Snow Urial/Texas White Dall Ram

Country Of Origin: USA

This ram has an appearance similar to the white Alaskan Dall Ram. Their horns usually curl up, out, down and out. They are either snow white or a golden color with a white face. A grown ram can weigh up to 130 pounds. The Texas Dall Sheep is a hybrid sheep that originated in Texas. 

Black Hawaiian ram

Country of Origin: USA  

This the fourth member of the Texas Slam, reminds me of the Stone Sheep found in the mountains of British Columbia. The islands of Hawaii have black sheep with reddish wool that range in their mountains. The horns grow up, out, down and back out with 25 inch or more curls on record book rams. The coloration is solid black throughout except for a white muzzle. A large ram will weigh 130 pounds. 

rambo ram

Country of Origin: Asia


These are big rams with awesome horns! The Rambo Ram is a domestic ram that is found in large numbers in the Texas Hill Country. The horns curl up, out, down and back out with curls exceeding 30 inches in length! Their coloration is white with kinky twisted hair. A large ram can weigh 250 pounds.

new zealand goat/catalina goat

Country of Origin: New Zealand


We have lots of record book New Zealand billies on our ranches. This goat has long twisted horns, they are listed in the Records of Exotics Book as a Catalina Goat. Actually, they are an Angora Goat. The horns spread out to a length of 26 to 33 inches on each horn! This goat is white with a kinky hair similar to the Rambo Ram. A mature billy will weigh 125 pounds.